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You can search the PIKA Mantis database to see a list of known issues with the WARP Appliance.

You will need a username and password to report an issue.

Please, before entering a new bug report, search the database to see if someone else has reported the same issue.

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The WARP appliance is pre-loaded with software to run Asterisk® and FreePBX®. You should follow the WARP Appliance Quick Start Guide to upgrade your appliance to the latest software.

1. Release Notes

2. Factory Images

If you reset the appliance to factory defaults, the kernel and root file system partitions in the NAND flash memory run the software images listed below. 

3. Debian Repository

The packages in the stable repository mirror are the baseline versions of PIKA packages. The packages in the updates repository mirror are the latest tested versions of fixes to the stable software base.

PIKA Debian mirror-stable

PIKA Debian mirror-updates

The packages in the proposed updates repository mirror are untested updates to the stable packages. If you want to use an untested package, add the link below to /etc/apt/sources.list on your WARP appliance.

deb squeeze-proposed-updates main

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