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  • Release 3.0.1
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Table Of Contents

1. Overview

This release is an update to the 3.0.0 version of software on the WARP version 2 appliance.

2. Release Features

2.1. Software Features

  • Updates to all PIKA provided packages
  • New version of the WARP System Tools module in FreePBX
    • Add-ons page added to simplify installation of ftp, tftp dhcp and mail servers. Also allows easy install of IP endpoint management module.
    • Dahdi driver settings page to configure the hardware modules in the WARP
    • Diagnostics page added
  • Asterisk
  • Updates to fix issues with GSM modules
  • New uboot and kernel firmware
  • Factory reset capability enhancements

3. Bug Fixes

For a complete list of issues fixed in this release, please check out the list of fixes in our bug tracking system.

4. System Requirements

WARP 3.0.1 software requires WARP appliance hardware version 2.

5. Known Issues

To view a list of current issues, check the list of bugs in our bug tracking system.

Before reporting a new issue, ensure that you have the latest version of all packages. To upgrade your WARP appliance, at the Linux command prompt, type apt-get update and apt-get-upgrade. Refer to the Developer's Guide for more information about upgrading packages using the Debian package management system.

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